Noah Williams

Fascinated by nature ever since he was a small boy, Noah Williams entered the pest control scene 34 years ago as a junior exterminator in Santa Ana. At only 18, and armed with nothing but passion, Noah was employed for twelve years during which he held several positions from a pest technician to area manager managing a team of over 20 technicians. After 12 solid years of being employed, Noah thought of starting his own company, and that’s when Pro Pest Control California was born.

It all began in 1997 with Noah and his wife Sharon Fisher. At that time Bella Vista area was growing day by day. Noah and Sharon saw this as a great opportunity to get their new company Pro Pest Control Santa Ana up and running. In the early days, the company was very small. Noah and Sharon ran the company out of their garage. The days were very long days and a lot of hard work was involved. Sharon handled most of the customer service and book keeping while Noah performed most of the pest control work.
There was an advantage, though, to working from home. They didn’t have to pay extra for a building. At that time they provided one-time and monthly pest management services and termite treatments. As the word began to get around to other homeowners and businesses with their reputation for being honest, quick and reliable, it was finally time to expand the business.

Growth and expansion

In the year 2000, Noah and Sharon found a nice location off Highway 299E in Bella Vista as the perfect location to make Pro Pest Control Santa Ana bigger and better. With the business now steadily growing, it was almost impossible for Noah to continue to handle all the workload on his own. It was necessary to rope in 2 more family members, (Noah's brothers) Kevin and George Williams. After intense class training, Kevin and George were ready to start working as pest technicians. With the addition of the two more technicians, Noah and Sharon had a lot more time to start bringing in new customers and completing a lot more jobs.

By July 2003, the company's customers were spreading the word of how reliable Pro Pest Control Santa Ana really was and before the business knew it, they had a lot of new customers and it was time to get a bigger space and expand further to now cover the entire Orange County area.

It has been 22 years since Pro Pest Control Santa Ana first started their business. Pro Pest Control Santa Ana is a great company filled with awesome people who are very professional and probably the best in the business. We’re all very loving people working to help others get rid of pests.

The company has changed significantly since the day it started. Pro Pest Control Santa Ana now offers pest inspections, treatment and control plans. We currently have 4 service plans; one-time, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly treatments. The company is very reliable. It is truly a family oriented business and one that you can truly trust and rely on.

Noah Williams

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