Bee and Beehive Removal in Santa Ana

For a long time now, Pro Pest Control Santa Ana have provided bee removal services for homes and businesses in Santa Ana and the surrounding areas. We specialize in all types of bee problems; from live bee removal service, ground hive extraction, opening and repairing structures, bee proofing and prevention to controlling other pests such as wasps or spiders.

We are a pest company in Santa Ana that is fully licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind. You can rely on our experienced bee specialists to provide reliable bee control and bee removal services for bees inside your home and outdoors. Our bee service comes with a guarantee. If you need bee or beehive removal anywhere in Santa Ana, give us a call today.

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Types of Bees

There are over a thousand species of California native bees. Twenty six of these are bumblebees and most of the rest are solitary bees. The main types of bees we encounter in Santa Ana, California are the bumblebee, the European honey bee, Africanized honey bee and the carpenter bee.


Bumblebees are usually found living in nests in numbers of between 15 to 100 bees. They normally don’t have permanent colonies since the queen starts a new colony each spring season. They are twice the size of a honey bee, measuring between 1 to 1 ½ inches long. Bumblebees may be found in openings or cavities in the ground such as an abandoned gopher holes, under sheds, or in other low to the ground places. Bumblebees are typically seasonal summer bees. When defending their hive, they can be aggressive and sting several times without losing their stinger. The bumblebees are sought after mostly by tomato farmers who know the value of their pollination effectiveness.

Carpenter Bee

Almost all carpenter bees build their nests in burrows in bamboo, dead wood or structural timbers. With a size of approximately 1 inch in length, carpenter bees are one of the largest American native bees in California. They closely look similar bumblebees but have a shiny abdomen, whereas bumble bees have hairy abdomens. Female carpenter bees can sting, but they are docile in nature and rarely sting unless they’re directly provoked. Their male counterparts are harmless, since they do not have a stinger. Carpenter bees are pollinators of eggplants, tomatoes and other vegetables found on the garden.

How To Handle Bees

If you spot a swarm of bees in a bush, tree or on the side of your house and the hive is visible, steer clear of the area and don’t approach the swarm. The bees may be Africanized Honey Bees, which are generally very aggressive in nature and will respond to intrusion or loud noises. Chances are the swarm is just resting and will move on in a couple of hours. However, make sure you make your neighbors aware of the bee hive, so they will keep their children and pets away from them.

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