Commercial Pest Control in Santa Ana

At Pro Pest Control Santa Ana, we are licensed offer reliable commercial pest control plans. We understand that every business is unique and each commercial space is different.  We fully understand that your pest control plan has to be customized to match the specifics of your business facility regardless of its size.  That’s why we customize and offer your business a service plan that is comprehensive, competitively priced and convenient for you.

We will listen to your pest control needs and expectations and thereafter schedule a pest inspection that fits within your busy schedule. After the initial inspection, we’ll then develop a service plan that is just right for you and your business at large.  We usually offer both single treatments and ongoing service plans.

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Types of Pest Treatment We Offer

  • One Time Treatment
  • Monthly Treatments
  • Quarterly Pest Treatments

Our well trained technicians take pride in providing you with smart solutions and excellent customer service to provide the best pest control in Santa Ana.  We’re always on time for our appointments and we’re very diligent about performing our duties, all this with little or no disruption to your business operations. We have the expertise and experience to handle the unique requirements of your business.

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Commercial Pest Control Services Offered in Santa Ana, CA

Our commercial pest control services include:

Pre-Construction Pest Management Services

Start your new construction right by making preventative pest management a top priority. Avoid the setback of a pest infestation right from the start.  Pro Pest Control Santa Ana provide pre-construction pest control treatments that ensure that your commercial facility will be free from pests.

Termite & Pest Prevention Treatments

Pro Pest Control Santa Ana begins the process from the ground up to ensure the complete structure is totally free from pests and that is protected from future infestations. We begin from the pre-construction stage and then during construction using termite treatments such as:

  • Liquid Soil Treatments for termites
  • Bait Systems for termites
  • Termite wood treatments

By providing these treatments before and during construction, we create a very unfriendly environment for pests and termites.

Many commercial & industrial facilities throughout Santa Ana rely on us for their commercial pest management needs, like bee removal.  We always strive to provide smart pest solutions to achieve total customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment.

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Commercial Rodent Control

A rodent infestation is usually a nightmare for any business because of the negative impact it has on your image and reputation. That doesn’t even take into account the actual damage caused by the rodents as they scavenge for food, chew and even make nests. Call us today for a stress-free solution that will rid your premise of rodents. We take care of rodents through extermination and exclusion. We use several methods for exterminating, including baits and traps and exclude them by inspecting your property to locate potential openings, cracks and crevices and then sealing them to keep them out permanently.

We will provide you with valuable information and resources to help you prevent future infestations. As always, we can also provide follow up and continued pest control services to maintain your commercial facility to your standards and keep it pest free.

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