Earwig Extermination in Santa Ana

Like with the case of fleas, just the mere mention of earwigs send shivers down our spine. If you haven’t witnessed these bugs shimmying along one of your baseboards, you should consider yourself a very lucky human being. And if you’ve had the unfortunate misfortune of opening a food cabinet and finding a bunch of them quickly scurrying away, well, you are in trouble my friend. However, worry not as we are here to help you out.

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What You Need To Know About Earwigs

There are more than 2,000 different species of earwigs found in all continents
except Antarctica. The earwigs found in Southern California are often black in color, or brown, and have shiny membranous wings that tend to fold under their legs. They also have an insidious flat shape, which helps them to sneak into the cracks, holes and crevices of our homes. Earwigs are typically nocturnal in nature and favor dark, cool and damp spots around your home. They are also omnivorous, and are known to eat other bugs, like small mites and aphids, but they enjoy the same leafy greens and fruits that we humans consume, which is the major reason that they’re considered as pests.

Earwigs can make light work of a garden or the bark of a tree, but they will
invade our homes looking for peaches, vegetables, plums, or other produce left out. The most outstanding thing we notice about earwigs, however, are the forcep-shaped pincers that protrude from the back of their abdomen. The size of the pincers vary between species, but the common European earwig’s pincers are usually less than a millimeter in length.

However, as creepy as these earwigs are, the bright side is that they’re not known to hurt humans.

How We Treat For Earwigs

As a reliable exterminator, we usually begin treating for earwigs by dusting wall voids and cabinets where earwigs are seen. Because of the unique body shape of an earwig, and ability to hide in small openings, we apply insecticide in all cracks and crevices where we suspect potential harborages. Before we begin the interior earwig treatment, we always require all humans and pets vacated out of the structure.
Outside, we create a barrier around your home or commercial space using a power sprayer, and then we apply granule in moist places to soak up the moisture.

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