How Pests Cost Business $14.8 Billion Worldwide Every Year

One of the biggest threats to the future of your business could be some unwelcome vermin that can prove extremely difficult to handle. Not only can your business suffer embarrassment and indignity but pest problems can translate to losses to the tune of thousands of pounds depending on the extent of your woes. When you are in the food or hospitality industry then a pest infestation could lead to a shutdown and can be impossible to hide. In fact, an article published by Rentokil in the UK reveals that pests cost business owners $14.8 worldwide every year. The real problem is that sometimes the pest infestation is reported by your customers even before you know that you have a pest problem. From mice to roaches, pest come in all denominations and can be equally formidable and difficult to exterminate completely and prevent re-infestation. Mild measures might deter pest advancing on the home but businesses need to seriously consider hiring professional exterminator, like these ones here.

Problems Associated with a Pest Infestation

Pests do not respect boundaries or even class. The most embarrassing situations can happen even in the upscale community restaurants and businesses if they let their guard down for a bit. Pest control saves man hours of downtime and money in revenue lost. There are customers who will shout and scream causing panic when pests show up at an eatery and there are those who will silently walk out only to return with public health inspectors or prosecute your business on social media.

There is no business that is completely secure when it comes to pests. These can fit in surprisingly tight spaces and the internal ducts and voids in the construction of the building are not doing you any favors either. It is almost impossible to have a functional building that is risk free when it comes to pest. When you are in the hospitality industry then you understand that sometimes your guests carry in eggs from elsewhere and you have to stay vigilant or else you might suffer a full blown infestation.

Sometimes pest will be handed down to your retail business from manufacturers and supplier’s warehouses. Mice and roaches are some of the common pests in stores and warehouses. Despite high tech protection mechanisms and traps, there is always likelihood that mice will find their way in. the rate at which mice can reproduce after infiltration is alarming. Cockroaches on the other hand are said to be capable of surviving a nuclear apocalypse. Cockroaches can survive on molds and dew.

While rats only require a few grams of food to survive a day, they are very destructive and well tear and contaminate many packets of foodstuffs daily. They also tear on cloths and linen to make warm shelters for their litter in the hideouts.

The takeaway is that while no business premise is pest proof, taking some preventive steps can safeguard your business reputation and save you money in losses. Hiring pros to do your extermination for you proves advantageous in many ways among which is making sure that you are not going to be faced with the same problem in the coming weeks.

About The Author

Noah Williams is a seasoned vermin control professional and owner of Pro Pest Control Santa Ana. Pro Pest Control Santa Ana offers pest control for businesses in Santa Ana and the entire Orange County.