How To Effectively Get Rid Of Mice In An Apartment

There are only a few situations more appalling than or even as embarrassing as finding a bug or rat in your apartment. As bad as it seems, most of us have been there done that. That is because rats are some of the most resilient and abundant pests you will find near humans.  Rats and mice love our company because they get free shelter and food but the mess and disease they leave behind are not welcome. Rats are some of the most destructive pests too chewing on the best dresses and attires as if to intentionally annoy us or announce their presence. Worst of all, rats carry deadly diseases and allergens (as reported by CBS Local) and they have no room in any place of good hygiene.

Planned Preventative pest control

The best strategy with rat control is to keep them from entering the house in the first place.  Especially if you are moving into a new apartment, you should inspect it carefully because rats flourish in unused rooms. If one or two does get in, however, there are a few tricks you can use rather than play ‘whack a mole’ with the rat.

Why pest control for apartments is not easy

A multi-unit building is the trickiest place to try and control rats. This is because you do not have control or access to other units. Such are apartment buildings.  Unless you deal with the source of the rats, it’s hopeless fighting a losing battle. Sometimes you just need to call the property manager.

Check thoroughly.

Rodents have surprisingly many possible hideouts in the typical apartment. Everything cupboards to cabinets should be checked for signs of nests and paths in a bid to controlling mice in Santa Ana.

Find points of entry.

If there is a considerable gap below your door, rats may come in. Anything from holes in the wall to appliance hoses and drainage should be properly sealed to prevent entry. Try to move existing furniture and you might be surprised to discover holes behind them.

Ask for help

If you are uncertain where the mouse may have come from, politely ask the building caretaker to lend a hand. Ask other tenants if they have had similar incidents and they may lead you straight to the source of the problem.  If you are unsure what rodent it is, don’t assume its rats, you could be dealing with a rogue raccoon.

Hiring professional help with rat control

Surely finding a rat dead or alive in your apartment can be unsettling and deserves a level of seriousness. What you can do is call in an expert in pest control service in Santa Ana when you have no clue where to start or even if you may have rat problem. Baiting just one or two rats does not prevent them from nesting and multiplying. In some instances only and expert rat control service professional will know what to do.

Acting fast is what makes all the difference when dealing with rodent infestation. Rats can multiply really fast and become a much bigger menace