How to Know If Your Hotel Has A Pest Problem

Hotel and hospitality businesses understand that pest like bedbugs don’t respect boundaries or big industry names. Five star hotels could have bedbugs too, except they wouldn’t be so five-star then. Hotel managers focus on spotting early signs that their hotel might have a pest problem. Finding and informing early of a pest problem actually saves the hotel a lot of further embarrassment when the problem is full blown. Pest fumigation by professionals saves the guests a lot of agony and the hotel business millions of dollars in potential revenue losses. So here is how to know if your hotel may have a pest problem.

Identifying the signs of a pest infestation

Even with modern technology and revolution of travel, the threat of picking up some unwanted guests in your luggage coming in is still real.

Here are some signs that you could be facing a pest problem soon in your hotel.

Small brown spots

Brown patches on your clean surfaces and blood specs on sheets could be a sign that you have bedbugs or other pests.  The brown spots could also be the droppings of the insects or simply the trail of dirt they leave on bright colored surfaces. It is imperative that blood spots be investigated early before clients start to complain about biting in their sleep. This is one of the top things to look out for when checking for bedbugs.

Gnawing marks on furniture

Rats, carpenter ants and other pest cause destruction to linen, furniture and other woodwork and equipment. Holes tears and damage to furniture and food packaging are code red when it comes to pest fumigation. Sometimes it’s the TV or sound system that starts to make some weird noises when operating or any other sign that there are unwanted residents inside. Wood shavings indicate presence of ants among other borrowing animals.

Damage to foodstuffs

The same goes for torn and damaged food packaging. One easy way to kill pests easily is controlling their food source and baiting them. Unfortunately, bedbugs are drawn to our breath and are bound to disturb your guests.

Spider webs

Spiders are unwanted in the hotel space but their presence indicates presence of other insects that they feed on. Spider webs are traps laid out to catch food for spiders.

Musty odors

Most insect household pests shed their skin or exoskeletons in hidden spaces in the hotel room. This could include window sills, cracks and cabinets. Most pests also produce a bad odor with the droppings and bodies.  These can cause allergic reaction to some visitors and should be controlled to avoid liability.

How to get rid of bedbugs in a hotel.

The prevalence of bedbugs in hotel rooms is a rising challenge for every hotelier out there. Bedbugs and other pest can be a notorious wounding problem to the brand and image as well the safety of any facility. From food safety problems to destruction and nuisance to guests, pests can cost millions of dollars if not fumigated properly. We hope that the above tips help you to detect and get rid of pest before the problem gets out of hand. You can find out more about bedbug treatment from experienced Santa Ana pest control experts.

Get professional help

The best way to tell if you may have a pest problem is of course to hire someone who is trained and experienced to detect their presence. Pests hide in very tight spaces and wait to meet guests who can be very damaging to your brand and business.  Do hire professional pest control experts for periodical checkups and fumigation to keep your investment protected.