Keeping Your Warehouse Pest Free: The Do’s and Don’ts

Ecommerce and logistics companies have grown at an exponential rate and so has the need for warehousing.  Online sales require even faster deliveries near locations to beat the competition and warehousing and fulfillment has never been such a cash cow before. However, there are challenges that are becoming ever more serious with the expansion of the warehouse floor space and one is pests. Pest infestation has become a perennial problem arising in warehouse around the globe eve those that don’t necessarily handle foodstuffs.

Common warehouse pests

Raccoons and other rodents are naturally adapted for seeking good shelter and food for the cold winter season and warehouse often provide an enticing offer of both. Squirrels, bats, birds, cockroaches, rats and mice among other small animals can nest inside warehouses causing violation of health codes. Traps may capture a few of these animals but they are ineffective because they do not get rid of the infestation.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to prevent pest from entering and flourishing in the warehouse environment.

Do take the pest problem seriously

Many business managers make the mistake of ignoring the threat posed by pests and pay dearly.  If you run into just one rat, it might not seem like much but there could be any number of them hiding out around. Other times people will think its just one animal because they all look alike but you could easily be looking at a major problem. Most pests are resilient and multiply at alarming rates especially in warehouses.

Do use preventative pest control techniques

The best strategy is to keep pest away from the work place and warehouse in the first place. The most obvious way to keep pest away is to close all entry points. You can install nets to cover holes that re needed for ventilation and drainage.

Do call an expert

When you are unsure of where to start, you can call in an expert pest control service company, this will give you the best odds of success. Even just identifying the pest problem that poses the biggest threat to your investment can be one daunting task. You will be delighted to know that expert fumigation services make use of more effective methods and controlled chemicals to remove pests completely. Also, the risk of contamination of foods is eliminated when you hire a professional who knows what they are doing.

Don’t use pesticides carelessly.

Using chemicals you buy in stores to kill certain pests but in the incorrect manner will not achieve meaningful results. On the contrary, it could cause more harm than good when care is not taken to use and dispose of pesticides correctly.

Don’t make pest control a one-time ordeal

Pest control is not something you need once and that’s it. Rather, it is a continuous process that requires a strict program that you can adhere to for integrated pest control as referenced in this article published by the Smithsonian.

In summary

Pests not only interrupt production but also cause damage to goods and production equipment driving losses to millions of dollars every year. A larger warehouse makes more room for rodents and other common pests to hide and do mischief.

When it comes to pest control one cannot be too careful. Ideally, a professional pest control service will solve your business. Go here to get more information on commercial pest control.