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House mice are the most commonly encountered of all rodents and are found literally everywhere; from homes to open or agricultural fields and any other place in between. As typical as other mice behavior, these mice are excellent at foraging for food. They’re also excellent at spreading diseases since they feed on and contaminate many, if not all, human food sources. Getting rid of them in an effective manner is the best way to minimize the risk factors associated with having them in and around your house. As a professional exterminator, our expert mice control professionals can help you do this.

Types of Mice

Although there are many specifies of mice, the two most common types local to California are the house mice and the deer mice.

House Mouse

The house mouse is a small and slender rodent with a slightly pointed nose. It has small, black and some-what protruding eyes, large ears which are sparsely haired; and a nearly hairless tail with scale rings on it. A full grown adult house mouse weighs anything between 1/2 to 1 ounce. They are typically grayish brown in color with a gray or buff belly.

House mice will eat many types of food but if given a choice, they’ll prefer seeds and grain. However, foods that are high in fat, protein or sugar may be preferred even when grain and seed are present. House mice obtain their water from moisture in the food they eat, and therefore can survive with little or no water

Deer Mouse

The name ‘deer mouse’ came about due to the very similar fur coloration with the deer. Deer mice ordinarily measure between 12 to 28 cm from nose to tail and weigh anything between 15 to 32 grams. Their bodies are grayish-brown in color that gradually whiten at the belly and legs. The tail of a deer mouse is dark on the top part and the bottom is light.

Deer mice are primarily herbivores and prefer seeds, nuts, small fruits and insects. They normally hoard food supplies and tend to forage for food near place they nest.

How to get rid of mice effectively

Mouse traps seem like a quick and easy solution to getting rid of mice but the reality is that they are not too effective in dealing with an infestation. For this reason it is best to seek professional pest control as soon as you spot mice activity on your home. We will inspect your home to know the level of infestation and offer a comprehensive mice control plan that is suited for you.

As bad as rodents can be, Pro Pest Control Santa Ana offers simple yet effective solutions to control them, particularly in cases of infestations. Because all types of rodent rodents, local deer and house mice in particular, can live inside walls, basements and attics in homes, we proudly offer mouse control services which, like our other pest control services, are committed to your family and the environment’s safety.

If you would like more information about getting rid of any mice or rats that may be in your home, or schedule a free inspection, contact Pro Pest Control Santa Ana today.

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