Neighborhoods in Santa Ana, California

Santa Ana makes a one great place to move to whether you are just starting out on growing a career and business or seeking retirement homes. For people with families, choosing the best neighborhoods in Santa Ana is the first priority when looking for a house to stay. The weather in Santa Ana is very forgiving and most days are warm and sunny. The people of this city are also some of the most welcoming anywhere on the globe and there is a considerably lower crime rates compared to neighboring cities and townships. A beautiful Los Angeles suburb that has a lower cost of living and low crime rates is the ideal spot to raise a family and still get a piece of the action.

10 best neighborhoods in Santa Ana

There are some particularly outstanding neighborhoods in the city that offer the best of these qualities. These are best thought of as communities of likeminded individuals and lifestyle choices. They create unique job and business opportunities and the amenities are top of their class. These include;

  1. Thorton Park
  2. Meredith
  3. Morrison Eldrige Par
  4. Meredith Parkwood, Santa Ana
  5. Morning Sunwood
  6. Sunwood Central
  7. Bristol Warner
  8. Flora Park
  9. West Grove Valley
  10. Madson Park

A leading neighborhood in quality living and great schools and lower crime rates and good home prices above average is the dream of every aspiring homeowner and family person. According to the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce, there are up to 2000 people residing in each part of the city and some of the best schools, hospitals and other public amenities are within walking distance from all parts within the limits of these neighborhood.

The best Santa Ana neighborhoods also offer numerous employment options, great schools, lower crime rates, and higher than average home values. Such makes up a majority of Santa Ana neighborhoods and hence the ever rising demand for proper housing for young elites seeking out greener pastures in the city. Proximity to the city of Los Angeles does certainly helps.

Meredith is a healthy spot to live in with excellent air quality and tracks to exercise. There are parks and fitness centers where residents get to enjoy some healthy workouts and outdoorsy activities. With the excellent Santa Ana public transport system, it becomes very easy to get in and out of the city at all times without driving. Traffic is light most hours and getting to work is not as much of a hassle as it can be in other cities.

The neighboring Santa Ana Mountains make a good spot to hangout over the weekend and spend some quality time outdoors time.

Which is the best Santa Ana neighborhood ?

When it comes to finding the perfect home to buy or a rental to live in, it all comes down to doing good market research. This means reading and understanding the statistics and things to do in the city. But of course you wouldn’t know that you have picked a good neighborhood unless you actually visit and see for yourself. If you have been looking for a place for some time now, we hope you are glad you stumbled upon this writing.

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