Rat Control In Santa Ana

Rats can be very dangerous pests which, like flies, can spread a number of diseases, including the plague. Additionally, the damage they can do to your home’s insulation system, timber and electrical wiring is immense. In summary, you wouldn’t want to have rats around your house.

Rats are found literally everywhere and anywhere. And wherever they are, health risks are present too. From spreading diseases to contaminating food, any contact with a wild rat is dangerous at best so if you encounter them near or in your home, call Pro Pest Control Santa Ana immediately so we can assess and control the situation before it gets out of hand.

Signs of a rat infestation

Here are some of the signs to look out for to know if you might have a rat problem in your home:

Nests: Rats often build their nests under home appliances like cookers or refrigerators for warmth.

Rub Marks: Rats tend to move along established routes so you should look out for dark smudges and wear along your baseboards.

Rat Waste: Rats can produce a lot of feces which look like, dark, brown, rice-shaped waste.

Noises: Listen for scratching noises in your walls and rafters. Naturally rats are excellent climbers so it isn’t unusual to find them in your attic or ceiling. Sometimes, they also make a grinding noise with their teeth.

Burrows: Other than being great climbers, rats are also excellent diggers. Their excavating skills can, just like with a termite problem, destabilize the walls of your home. Look for burrows in your garage, under the deck, sheds and compost heaps.

How to keep rats at bay

Rats will always take advantage of any opportunity they can to eat, drink and multiply in your house. However, you can take these precautions to ensure you keep them out

– Always keep all your food items in sealed containers

– Always seal your garbage

– Keep your house neat to ensure you don’t give them a place to hide.

– Seal as much entry points into your house as possible. These entry points include gaps under doors, in windows, etc. If there’s a point of entry, a rat will definitely try to exploit it.

– Keep all drains secure and your toilet lids down because rats have been known to travel into homes through sewage pipes.

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