Silverfish Removal in Santa Ana

Unlike what the name suggests, a silverfish is not really a fish. Silverfish are, in fact, wingless insects that are nocturnal in nature. A silverfish’s body is flattened and tapered from head to rear, and is covered with scales. In addition to this, there are 3 long bristle-type appendages at the end of its body. Its antennae are long and threadlike, has compound eyes that are small and widely-spaced. They are a common insect found all over the world.

Silverfish breed on sites such as wall voids, floors and attics because they prefer spaces with room temperature and high humidity.
Silverfish are also known to be cannibals. Along with themselves, they will also eat paper, and in the case of some other species, linen, tissues and even cellulose. If they had a choice, silverfish will opt for protein over carbohydrates. That said, silverfish can go without food or water for weeks, but once they find it, they will stick close by.

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How To Help Prevent Silverfish

Prevention is they key to avoiding many silverfish infestations. The best way to control silverfish and limit future infestations is to develop a prevention plan. Pro Pest Control Santa Ana recommends the following steps:
1.    Reduce their food sources – Keep cereals, flour, meal, pastas, pet foods, pet treats and any other foods in airtight containers. Regularly vacuum your carpets, flooring, and upholstered furniture.
2.    Reduce their water sources – Use dehumidifiers in damp spaces like basements. Install a plastic sheet on the ground in dirt crawl spaces and ridge vents in roofs to let humid air escape. Keep all exterior areas caulked and well painted, gutters and downspouts free of debris, and landscaping graded to allow water to drain from your home.
3.    Seal all cracks and crevices – Seamless interior walls greatly limit access to sites such as wall interiors and spaces between ceilings and walls. Bristletails usually use these to gain access to these harborages through crevices and cracks under and behind baseboards, windows, and door trim and holes in walls and floors where pipes pass. It’s recommended to use caulking, spackle, or expandable foam to completely eliminate these openings.

Getting Rid of Silverfish Professionally

Silverfish removal may sometimes require insecticides to be used. A pest control professional should always handle this type of insect control. This professional can help develop a strategy for dealing with silverfish infestations and preventing future outbreaks.

Getting rid of silverfish, just like mice, may be a challenge best left to the pest control experts. If you are concerned about a silverfish infestation in your home, call Pro Pest Control Santa Ana, a professional pest control company, today!

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