Spider Control In Santa Ana

Santa Ana, California is home to a variety of spiders.
The following list shows examples of spiders found in California:
• tarantulas
• black widow spiders
• cellar spiders
• brown widow spiders

• false black widow spiders
• yellow sac spiders
• orb weaver spiders
• wolf spiders
• garden spiders
• grass spiders
If you live in Santa Ana, we’ll help you understand the basic facts about some of the most common spiders in this locality. If spiders have occupied your property, get in touch with Pro Pest Control Santa Ana online here or call us at 714-584-6877 and we’ll help you get rid of them.

Venomous spiders found in Santa Ana, California

There are a few types of venomous spiders that can be found in Santa Ana. These are the black widow, brown widow and yellow sac spider.

Black Widow

The female black widows are dark in color (typically black but can also be dark brown). Their male counterparts are generally not black and are smaller in size than the females. Fully grown female black widows are usually between 5/16 to 5/8 inches in length. Their abdomen has an hourglass-shaped mark that’s usually either red or orange. The western black widows are typically located in shielded and dry places like hollow stumps, in sheds and barns.

Brown Widow

The brown widow spider is typically brown or grayish-brown in color with three white spots on its abdomen. Just like the black widow, it also has an hourglass mark that’s yellow to orange in color.
Brown widows are rarely found inside your home. They prefer areas that have more exposure, like eaves for example. As much as brown widows are venomous, their bite is not likely to be as severe as the black widow’s.

How to get rid of spiders

Have you seen spiders around your home or do you suspect they’re around? You should contact a pest exterminator as soon as possible. Call Pro Pest Control Santa Ana to get rid of them. Our pest professionals can also help you know how to prevent them from coming back to your property. If you have a spider problem, or even a bee problem, contact us today.

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