Termite Control in Santa Ana

Termites usually cause a lot of damage to buildings and commercial property. The last thing you want is these little insects destroying your home or keeping your business from running smoothly. Pro Pest Control Santa Ana technicians are experts in termite control for homes and businesses, and we can help you deal with termite problems or help prevent them in all the stages, from pre-construction all the way through periodic inspections.

Pro Pest Control Santa Ana residential and commercial termite control treatment offers home and business owners and facilities managers valuable services so that you can continue to do what you do best without worrying about termite infestations destroying your property.

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Termite Control Treatments

We can tailor termite control to suit the needs of your home or business. Some of the services we offer our clients include, but not limited to:
•    Regular and thorough termite inspections to keep your mind at peace and to deal with any termite problem before it gets out of hand.
•    Termite monitoring & baiting – This acts as a strong shield against termites and also helps to prevent termite problems from reoccurring in future. All our work is backed by a warranty
•    We treat existing termite infestations swiftly and efficiently in order to avoid disruption to your operations.
Our termite specialists will do an inspection and thereafter help you decide which options are best suited for you. Our technicians are highly experienced and qualified, and are dedicated to providing unmatched quality of service, backed by a warranty.

How to Keep Termites at Bay

These are some of the things you could do to keep termites away from your home or business
•    Try and eliminate contact between wood and the ground. Termite problems often occur in your home when wood components of the building are in direct contact with the ground. This allows termites’ easy access to food, moisture, shelter and a direct, hidden entry into your home.
•    Avoid moisture accumulation near the foundation of your home. Termites are generally attracted to moisture and are more likely to infest if the soil next to the foundation is regularly moist.
•    Reduce moisture and humidity content in your crawl spaces. Most building codes call for 1 square foot of vent opening per every 150 square feet of crawlspace area.
•    Do not store firewood or wood debris against building foundations or inside crawlspaces. Firewood, lumber, cardboard boxes, newspapers and similar materials attract termites and are a ready source of food for them.
•    Have your home treated by a professional pest control firm, found here. Buildings usually have many natural openings through which termites can enter, most of which are hidden from view. Wasps, too, tend to use these natural openings to gain access to your home.

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