The Connection Between Food Safety And Pest Control

There was a time when pest control meant dropping the most toxic clouds you could legally acquire to destroy the enemy camps. But that is not exactly what modern pest control is all about particularly as it relates to food and environmental safety. Getting rid of pest targeting foods is not worth poisoning customers or loved ones over.  Gone are the days when the pest extermination procedure involved stock piling the most deadly poisons that are available in stores. Here are more amicable solutions to modern pest problems and how to safeguard food items from contamination and poisons even as we deal with pests.

The evolution of Modern pest control methods

Pest control has evolved to preventative treatments and measure rather than knee-jerk reactions to pest problems. Chemical treatment has slowly been replaced with technology gadgets and other techniques that have proven even more effective yet less lethal to human. This way, we can keep our foods secure and safe from germs and at the same time keep pests away from the home and business. Food businesses simply cannot afford the risk of using toxic chemicals in and around their production lines.

Pest control and food safety a pillar of public health!

Among the key pillars of public health include better vaccinations and sanitation and pest control methods. People are simply terrified of bugs and insects and any sightings of the most harmless of all insects in and around your food business premise is the beginning of the end of your prosperity. There is simply no room for rats and cockroaches in food and beverage industries and eateries. They not only damage the food but also come laden with a slew of disease causing germs.

Integrated pest management programs

The food industry needs an integrated pest control management program that takes care of the imminent pest threat.  According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, and by international standards, the program should indeed be a critical control point and the local laws are getting ever tighter regarding pest control versus food security.

Exploring alternative pest control for food businesses

To keep ahead of the curve, you can consult the experts in pest control for hotels in the country who will help you adhere to the rules and meet the requirements. Systems like the electronic pest control management equipment are the best alternative to chemicals which are unsafe for use near foods. Even just storing chemicals and food in the same warehouse is wrong since pests hardly have any boundaries. They end up mixing the food with contaminants causing serious health risks to consumers.

That is not to say that chemicals are no longer needed for the extermination of certain pests. It only means that their method of application and selective killing specific pests makes them safer for people and pets.

Where do pests come from?

  • Poor sanitation
  • Failing construction
  • Employees carry them in
  • Supplied with raw foods


If pest control and food safety is not already a priority for your food business, it should be. Food related incidents can bring hefty fines from the health departments. Such claims can damage your brand reputation not to mention closure of the business. Find a reliable pest control service provider to have peace of mind in your food business.