The Top 10 Restaurants in Santa Ana, California

The city of Santa Ana is neatly tucked away in the sunny southern California. Busy suburb of Los Angeles is ever bustling with activities full of life around the clock. Santa Ana is home to quite a number of classy as well as affordable restaurants with some internationally recognized chefs ready to blow you taste buds with excitement. In this post, we explore some of the well established as well as some latest entrants into the Santa Ana eateries scene.

Playground Restaurant, American

The playground makes one of the best restaurants that could kick off such a carefully selected list of Santa Ana’s best restaurants. It is not just a hoax; the restaurant’s unique light-hearted approach to food makes it become its name.  The food is neatly presented in a unorthodox manner which makes it exciting even for the most critical foodies. You can get enough of the Uncle Lous’ fried chicken and pan roasted wild mushrooms.

Mil Jugos, Venezuelan

If you are seeking out new flavors or you just love Venezuelan cuisines, Mil jugos makes a good pick. The food is legit and it’s been in existence for a glorious decade plus. Popular dishes include slow cooked meat and corn dishes. Another popular item on their menu is the cachapas with custom fillings.

Lola Gaspar

Lola Gaspar is yet another restaurant that serves small sharable and exciting items that your will love. The restaurant features an intimate atmosphere with a friendly and warm setup and staff. Open air sitting makes it enjoyable during a sunny day. Popular dishes include crispy chicken Relleno, braised lamb shoulder tacos and wrapped dates.

The Culture Trip Shabu Shabu, Japanese

A long way from japan, you will be delighted to discover this beautiful place with Japanese themed décor and appetizing Japanese cuisines. With Japanese foods, only fresh meats and vegetable win.

Alebrije Grill

Although the Alebrije is technically not a restaurant but a food truck service, it has been in the Santa Ana scene for more than five years and caused quite a stir. Their Acorazado Tacos are some of the most loved recipes with many other items on their menu such as the tortilla, battered and fried meats and Cotija cheese.

Siam Taste of Asia, Thai

Thai food lovers will be delighted to taste flavors of home this far away from Thailand. The restaurant serves papaya salad, satay chicken with mango sticky rice. You can also try the tofu with battered or fried.

Trieu Chau Restaurant, Asian, Chinese, Vietnamese,

This Asian themed restaurant is modest but ever busy thanks to the popularity of their dishes.  The noodle soup starts with a flavored broth, some meat and a generous variety of sauces

Little Sparrow Café

This restaurant has also been on in Santa Ana scene for more than half a decade. This place is best known for its local cuisines using some freshly obtained and prepared ingredients. If combines  a rich Californian flare with French insights.  They reinvent classics like the cauliflower gnocchi with kales and roasted bone marrow. Enjoy a welcoming neighborly atmosphere and great food at this great addition to the Santa Ana food landscape.

Chapter one: The modern local

Founded by former Haven Gastropub partner Jeff Hall, Chapter one: The modern local has brought a humor and lightness to the dishes with interesting menu and food presentation. Its just as enjoyable to eat here as it is to order the Chicken wang’s philipine inspired dishes. These include sisig fires, pig ears, pulled pork and crisp fried potatoes.

Memphis at the Santora

When you need a new benchmark for what fried chicken should taste like, the Memphis buttermilk fried chicken never disappoints.  A generous serving of large crispy chicken comes accompanied by an equally generous heap of mashed potato and bitter greens to counterbalance the juicy tasty white meat.

Whether it’s an evening out with a special one or eating out with family or even a late brunch, there is no shortage of decent places to eat in the city of Santa Ana. The little city is a diverse culture place where people love to experiment with local and foreign cuisines.

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