Top 10 Attractions In Santa Ana

Welcome to Santa Ana, a popular tourist destination with tons of exciting things to do and see in Orange County state.  As one of the most populous cities in the US, Santa Ana has grown from a suburb of Los Angeles to a fully-fledged city with numerous social-cultural attractions of its own.

As thousands flock to Santa Ana every weekend for domestic and foreign tourism, here are some of the most desired places to visit in Santa Ana.

The discovery cube

The discovery cube is what was formerly called the discovery science center built with an aim to create an interactive exhibition that can nurture talent in scientific skills. It re-ignites that fire and quest for knowledge that we all had as kids and will be enjoyable for kids and adults alike. The popular spots inside the discovery cube include the Quake Zone, Air and Space, Dino Quest, Eco-challenge and the solar cube.


Crave is the place to be for all manner of refreshments. The bread, meat, and veggies used in their sandwiches is made right there and then.  The sandwiches might be the crave’s true specialty but the do offer delicious fresh salads, soups, muffins, brownies, bagels and cookies among others.

Montanya spa

Just next to the bowers museum is the high-end Montana spa offering premium treatments. This place offers massages and other treatments for regular clients and tourists.  After an eventful day at the beach or a draining one in the mountains, you can appreciate the value of a good masseuse. Treatments offered here include facials, deep tissue massage, and full-body massages as well as body wraps.

Pacific symphony

The pacific symphony is one of a kind place in Santa Ana that serves music. Talented musicians take turn to entertain crowds at select hours and there are many events and musical events that you can enjoy at the symphony. Concerts are well planned for the amusement of anyone who needs some nourishment for the soul.

Santa Ana zoo

The largest zoo in this region, the Santa Ana zoo is to find in the Prentice Park within the city.  Here one can enjoy the sight of flora and fauna derived from central America and the southern region. You can see iguanas, anteaters, monkeys and a variety of beautiful bird species. The organized rides like Zoofari are also a great attraction within the zoo.

The bowers museum

This list of top tourist destinations in Santa Ana could not possibly be complete without the largest museum in the city. It is a colossal building with many exhibitions from around the world.  There is also a Kidseum section for kids where the little ones can learn some fun facts about stuff.

The copper door

When you want to grab a beer in a cool place with fine interior and exterior décor, the copper door is such a bar.  There are music groups of select occasions and a DJ to make your evening worthwhile.

Sender One Climbing, Yoga, and Fitness

This is a health and fitness indoor setup where tourists can enjoy climbing activities, yoga among other routines. There is a fully equipped fitness gym with the latest training equipment alongside the tallest climbing gym in the country. This gym is fit for kids too.

Willowick Golf Course

This is the oldest golf course in the orange county located just across from Disneyland Park. Lovers of golf will have some quality gaming time and possible interaction with the who is who on this good manicures golf course. The measurable golf holes make this course a favorite for many pro and beginner golfers alike.

4th street market

If you love food market then the 4th street market will excite your being. There are various cuisines to sample from every corner of the globe. Here you can taste the rich cultural diversity of the people of Santa Ana as the masters of the kitchen come together in one circus.

Why else choose to visit Santa Ana?

Naturally, the city and its vicinity are endowed with interesting features to see and experience.  Usually, a bustling tourist and economic hub, the city are also intertwined with top of the line tourist attraction and recreational areas. The immediate neighboring mountains and country also offer a lot to do and see in photography and trails.

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