Wasp Removal in Santa Ana

As a leading residential pest control company, we also remove wasps and wasp nests.
There are 2 common types of wasps we remove in Santa Ana; the paper wasp and the mud dauber wasp. The paper wasp nest usually has a flat honeycomb design and is greyish white in color. On the other hand, the mud dauber nest will often look like a small narrow patch of mud. Both types vary in size depending on how long they have been there.

Wasps can be very aggressive insects and usually require elimination to be performed in order to completely remove them.

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Where Wasps Build Their Nests

More often than not, these aggressive insects start building their nests in the summer months. It is best to get the wasp nest while they are small and just starting out because if left untreated, a small wasp nest can eventually lead to the formation of multiple nests in that area. Over the years of experience we’ve had in Santa Ana, the most common places we find wasp nest are under the edge of the roof line and in the eaves of homes and sheds.

How Pro Pest Control Santa Ana’s Wasp Service Works

At Pro Pest Control Santa Ana, we offer several services for flying and stinging insects including: insect elimination, nest removal, opening and structure prevention and insect proofing. Our highly qualified pest management technicians make recommendations specific to your property that guide you to get rid of wasps and keep them at bay. These recommendations could include: removal of things that attract wasps, such as open trash cans, liquid bird feeders (wasps love sweet things) and pet food, fixing cracks, crevices, holes and access points into the structure and filling holes in the yard that provide the perfect nesting areas for wasps, and gophers too.

After the nest treatment and removal, the wasps that were not in the nest at the time of the service will still be wasps in the area. It is highly recommended that wasp proofing be done so the insects don’t re-infest the same area for the second time. You can go back to our homepage by clicking here.

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